Be Your DJ and Building the Ultimate Party Playlist 

One key to any unforgettable getaway is the perfect party soundtrack. As the premier yacht rental in Miami, Extasy Yacht is equipped with top-of-the-line audiovisuals to blast your personalized playlists. Let us share some tips on how to DJ like a pro for your charter:

Know Your Crowd  

Cull styles to suit varying tastes from pop to rock, EDM to Latin hits. Appeal to multiple demos for unanimous approval. 

Start With Energy  

Kick things off with uptempo, high-energy tracks to get bodies moving right away. Don’t slack on beat volume either. 

Incorporate Nostalgia  

Throwbacks keep the good vibes going via rediscovered favorites from eras represented. Millennials love 80s and 90s jams.

Feature New Heat  

Mix in recent chart-toppers to keep playlists sounding fresh. Digital music services make this easy to track down.

Sway to Slow Jams  

Build in romantic joints for when the sun sets serenading starry skies. Stevie, Marvin, and Luther inevitably please. 

Encourage Community  

Gauge crowd favorites in real-time and take requests via crowd-sourced online playlists. Interactivity enhances enjoyment. 

High Tide, High Vibe Tracks  

Incorporate water-compatible tracks evoking maritime euphoria. Think “(Always On My) Sea” or “Sail Away” for the perfect sailing mood. 

International Flava  

Global genres add intrigue, whether Latin pop, Brazilian bossa, Afrobeats, or more. Diversity unites guests.

Save Surprises  

Tuck festival anthems, guilty pleasures, and callbacks to inside jokes for high-energy climaxes. End strongly before your departure!

Give Extasy Yacht your playlists in advance and we’ll have your sound system primed to get the party lit! Charter DJ skills are our specialty.