Planning a Miami Hen Party You Won’t Forget 

As the wedding dates draw nearer, it’s time to whisk the bride-to-be away for an unbridled, last-hurrah-style hen party she’ll recall forever! And what better city to host than sunny Miami? As the premier yacht charter company, Extasy Yacht promises an itinerary of once-in-a-lifetime adventures perfect for bringing bridal festivities to new heights. 

Kick things off with a classic bridal brunch along palm tree-lined Ocean Drive. Sip mimosas surrounded by pastel art deco gems as you toast to the bride and her new journey. Fill up on fresh seafood towers and sangria before the real fun sets sail! 

Board our luxurious vessel docked at flagship Collins Avenue marina for a smooth cruise into Biscayne Bay. Sunbathe on plush queen loungers taking in unobstructed ocean vistas. As the city skyline falls behind, break out girly party games and signature cocktails fueling laughter till your sides split. 

Anchored offshore Elliott Key, sandbars await with sparkling azure waters ideal for water activities. Break out stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and even jet skis for thrill-seeking hen shenanigans! Zoom across gentle swells showing adrenaline-pumping moves as the bride cheers you on. 

Regroup on our vessel for a catered lunch of ceviche, coconut prawns, and signature Key lime pie with piña coladas overlooking the unspoiled island oasis. With full bellies and sun-kissed glow, an afternoon siesta on the sundeck beckons before evening’s soirée.  

Dock at buzzing South Beach just in time to primp and prep for exclusive rooftop parties. Sway to live DJs under the stars toasting with champagne waterfalls as city lights twinkle endlessly along the coast. Dance the night away amongst Miami’s glitterati, capturing magic moments to relive at the reception. 

The reboard was satiated but ready for more intimate shipboard fun. Face masks, pajamas, and s’mores by the outer deck fire pit set the mood. Swap stories, secrets, and laughs cementing treasured bonds before new chapters unfold. As the moon rises to end a near-perfect getaway, spirits gleam with excitement for the bride’s bright future ahead!

With Extasy Yacht, craft the bachelorette escape of a lifetime surrounded by paradise. We’ll customize memorable adventures guaranteed to make the bride’s send-off truly unforgettable!

How to Impress a Date with an Ecstasy Yacht Charter

While dinner and a movie are a classic first date, chartering a luxury yacht with Extasy Yacht kicks romance into high gear. As Miami’s premier charter vessel, we craft intimate escapes on the water to help you swoon with your special someone amid scenic splendor. 

Start with a picnic lunch while cruising picturesque Government Cut. Float past skyscrapers with your date close, fueled by gourmet sandwiches and champagne. Pop the bubbly while taking in unparalleled views of downtown skylines emerging from the morning mist – #Instant Instagram Clout!

Further afield, anchor off secluded Sands Key for beachside strolls discovering pristine sands still bearing shorebird tracks. Hand in hand, follow their path finding feathered treasures as waves serenade. Picnic in privacy under swaying palms, getting to know each other deeply without distraction. 

Back on board, our chef prepared your date’s favorites for al fresco dining as planned. Aubergine bruschetta, filet mignon and chocolate soufflé elicit oohs and aahs with each bite. As sunset ignites the sky, candlelit tables make for intimate gazing into each other’s eyes over premium wines. 

Some evenings find us docked at historic Stiltsville watching neon city lights flicker on above gentle currents below wooden pilings. Sway to live jazz with flowing cocktails, losing track of time in each other’s arms under stars reflecting on inky waters. Memories like these linger long after departure.

Deepen the romance with secluded shore excursions further afield. Voyage to remote Boca Chita Key marveling at pristine dunes and untamed mangrove tunnels alongside your beloved. The chance to disconnect and truly bond without distraction intensifies intimacy. 

Back on board for stargazing, curl up under throws sharing your hopes and dreams. As conversation flows, falling head over heels becomes inevitable against such scenic backdrops exclusive to waterborne adventurers. Cherished memories ignite passions lasting lifetimes.  

Customizable itineraries aboard our luxury vessel, help you establish a strong romantic foundation to build upon. Contact Extasy Yacht today to start planning your date’s dream escape, guaranteeing you’ll leave an impression that has them floating on cloud nine!

Luxury Swim Spots & Beaches Only Accessible by Private Boat

While Miami’s hotspots swarm seasonally, Florida’s pristine beaches lie discreetly tucked within secluded coves, uninhabited cays, and untouched islands solely accessible via private vessels. As your swanky day cruiser, Extasy Yacht unlocks the ‘hidden Florida’ through exclusive excursions to ultra-luxe secluded swim areas awaiting discovery off the beaten path. 

Just north lies Singer Island’s deserted driftwood-strewn Edgewater Beach, a sandy runway flanked by wind-sculpted mangroves. Slip your tender ashore for solitude amid stark natural beauty. Nestle into its powdery dunes with a good book, watching pelicans dive and terns frolic offshore before dipping quietly into calm blue-green shallows. 

Further abandons the St. Lucie River’s tranquil Manatee Pocket where manatees dot shallows en masse, often accepting gentle pets from observant swimmers. From our drifting yacht, spot these gentle giants before embarking with waterproof cameras to capture up-close encounters in crystal-clear water. Respectful viewing through snorkel allows for appreciating nature’s ambassadors.

Martin County too obscures secret inlets like Stuart Beach along Sewall’s Point, a slender barrier island beyond commercial development. Traipse its deserted three-mile stretch, kicking up shells amongst driftwood logs and inspecting horseshoe crabs paused by the shoreline. Feel the wild, untouched character of Florida’s authentic Gold Coast at its finest. 

Across the Bridge of Lions into Volusia County lies the pristine waters enveloping Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse. Beyond tour boats’ reach, drop anchor near its sandy shoals and let younglings splash unburdened amid swooping terns and pelicans while soaking in the coastal ambiance. The gentle surf offers calm swimming before exploring tide pools brimming with hermit crabs and starfish.

Venture into secluded lagoons threading through Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, home to some of Florida’s finest surfing and swimming areas including Jack Island. Surrounded by mangroves and hammock forests, its empty beaches and shoals serve as nesting grounds for shorebirds and sea turtles. Respectfully sharing these special spaces allows deep appreciation of Florida’s natural wealth.

Explore pristine Florida by private yacht exploring off-the-radar swimmable spots that remain as nature intended – unspoiled coastal paradise thriving gently beyond typical itineraries. Book now to unlock hidden Florida through these intimately peaceful coves, lagoons, and beaches flourishing amid nature’s tapestry – a serene treat awaiting your exclusive discovery.

Pro Tips for Throwing an Epic New Year’s Yacht Party

As the most festive night approaches, choosing the ideal soirée venue is crucial. As charter experts, we impart our insider knowledge on crafting the epitome of soirées aboard our swanky yacht Extasy. After all, what better way to usher in a fresh start than surrounded by scenic waters, close company, and all the fixings for an indulgent bash? Follow our pro tips for securing an unforgettable evening unfolding seamlessly over Biscayne Bay.

Location, location, location – Book well in advance for optimum docking at prime spots for people watching amidst iconic city illuminations. Our goto spots activate on multiple levels – Miami River captures Downtown fireworks, Star Island mingles beach club vibes. Scope atmospheric backdrops through a site survey.  

Craft a signature cocktail – Nothing says arrival like our signature creations paired with tantalizing bites. Our mixologists transform libations into fine art, whether an elderflower champagne flute or smoky mezcal margarita tree garnished with salt, lime, and herbs. Make it post-worthy! 

Curate a dynamite playlist – Music makes the party, so handpick cross-generational bops spanning salsa to hip hop for dancing all evening into the wee hours. Test run the flow and backup mixes for seamless transitions keeping the good vibes going indefinitely. 

Entertainment aplenty – From celebrity chefs demonstrating interactive cooking to live bands tearing up the aft deck; onboard games like giant Jenga or cornhole tournaments; to magical midnight fireworks – factor in extra entertainment sparking spontaneous fun and memories. 

Decadent dining details- Indulgence takes top billing with a chef-curated menu of global hors d’oeuvres, main courses like truffle mac or surf n turf, and sweet treats keeping bellies (and hands) full all night. Consider interactive stations, globally-inspired small plate offerings, or interactive cooking demos. Elevate with premium beverage packages.

Luxe lighting design – Strategically placed uplights and string lights transform the yacht interior and fantail into a nightclub-worthy wonderland. Don’t forget dramatic pops like roving LED poi spinners, flame projections, or confetti poppers at the strike of midnight. Blacklights also amplify special effects. 

Cozy comforts – From plush furs and blankets to swinging day bed nooks amongst palm fronds, design lounge areas meant for mingling, unwinding, or sneaking off for a romantic moment together as waves serenade. Don’t forget coffee, hot cider, or hot toddies for post-midnight mingling! 

Picture perfect details – Place candid photo props like oversized gold 2021 glasses at the ready. Factor in roaming photographers capturing fly moments for your Instagrammable keepsakes in crisp quality. Rent a photo booth for selfie fun! 

Staying safe and legal – Ensure proper permits, licensed bar, and security teams are on board to prevent incidents. Arrange transportation alternatives safely getting guests to their destinations after midnight magic. Safety always comes first in any luxury affair. 

Ring in the new year with these party essentials dialed to perfection for an unforgettable evening unfolding seamlessly over Biscayne Bay. Contact Extasy Yacht today for availability – we’re eager to help craft the foremost New Year’s yacht party to illuminate Miami’s horizon!

Dolphin Spotting & Our Favorite Places to See Wild Dolphins

While many seek dolphin encounters through captive experiences, nothing compares to witnessing pods of wild bottlenose and spotted dolphins in their natural coastal habitats from the unique vantage of our luxury yacht. As dedicated environmental stewards, we frequent uninhabited bays and estuaries where these intelligent marine mammals flourish undisturbed. 

Join us at Extasy Yacht for an excursion through some of our favorite éthical dolphin spotting grounds perfected over decades of plying Florida waters.   

One surefire location lies within the calm confines of Biscayne Bay. Glide past the Venetian Islands in the early mornings to spot dolphins corralling baitfish and nursing calves near mangroves along shorelines. Oftentimes families will escort our vessel, bow-riding in pairs as our captain shares knowledge of their social hierarchies and communication abilities. Linger and you may observe dolphins playfully breaching from the water in acrobatic displays.

Further south within Everglades National Park, navigating the Ten Thousand Islands offers solitude for spotting dolphins. Islands formed from deposits from the ancient Pleistocene Lake Okeechobee disperse into lush coastal mangroves and marshes presenting refuges for dolphins and manatees alike. As nature’s quiet prevails, their whistles and splashes will guide your search. Be still amongst mangroves for prolonged periods to observe stealth dolphin hunts and intimate moments amongst pods with newborn calves learning essential life lessons. 

If seeking larger super pods, look no further than our trips through Florida Bay. This 2,400 square mile marine estuary bordering the Keys calms during seasonal influxes of currents and tides, concentrating nutrition and attracting substantial dolphin numbers. Cruise among its scattering of small islands and trails between channels, keeping watchful eyes scanning for breaks in water surfaces that indicate feeding activity. With patience come sightings of dozens or hundreds of dolphins working in synchronicity to corral bait.  

Another renowned hotspot resides within the Intracoastal Waterway between Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Thrive with mangroves and seagrasses sustaining dolphins all year, providing productive nurseries for calves to develop skills under watchful mothers’ care. Look for playful dolphin groups surging astride bow wakes, often bow-riding for extended periods enthralling guests before disappearing into seafoam. Their antics never cease to delight both the young at heart and the little ones on board.

Venture offshore beyond Miami for glimpses into truly vast dolphin societies across some of the world’s clearest waters. Within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, pods of over 1000 dolphins have been observed, likely communicating across great distances through unique signature whistles. Many return seasonally along deepwater oceanic corridors threading between island chains. Slow cruising affords opportunities to parallel traveling pods for hours, observing intimate behaviors impossible to perceive elsewhere. 

Join us for éthical wildlife adventure through dolphin habitats so we may appreciate their role as sentinels of thriving coastal ecosystems. Our personalized excursions impart awareness while delighting through chance encounters with pods of wild bottlenose and spotted dolphins in their utmost natural splendor. Book now to set sail into paradise surrounded by Florida’s beloved ambassadors of the seas.

Weekend Getaways with Extended Yacht Rentals Out of Miami!

While day trips aboard our luxe yacht Extasy allow glimpses into the glamorous Florida lifestyle, nothing compares to fully immersing yourself through an extended rental. Break away from routines with an intimate crew created solely to pamper your group for 2-5 days and nights. Unwind in ultra-luxe seclusion yet within easy reach of diverse activities perfectly catered to your interests.  

Slip away from the Miami bustle towards the secluded Florida Keys, exploring islands by water and indulging on land. Drop anchor in quiet coves along Cudjoe Key or ramshackle resort islands like Islamorada. Kayak crystal rivers teeming with wildlife like the Lower Matecumbe to spot endemic birds or wade with snorkel gear amid vibrant coral reefs. Rejuvenate mind and body with restorative spa services dockside.

As daylight fades, savor delectable seafood feasts aboard prepared by our private chef. Retire to plush staterooms outfitted for total relaxation across excursions the next day. Rise early for unforgettable offshore adventures like world-class sportfishing surrounded by schools of mahimahi and wahoo migrating through this sport angler’s paradise. No bite goes unfelt while skilled first mates lend gear and guidance to land catches of the day.  

Continuing up the jaw-dropping Florida coast, drop into Palm Beach’s refined yet serene seaside escapes. Sway to melodic surf and gentle ocean breezes. Refresh in boutique spas before exclusive access to lavish events and ritzy hotspots otherwise out of reach. Sample acclaimed restaurants and hidden farmer’s markets away from seasonal snowbirds. Palm Beach’s allure permeates through intimate gallery walks set among Mediterranean architecture and blooms thriving amid balmy microclimates. 

Venture into quiet harbors dotting the Treasure Coast from Jupiter to Vero Beach. Laze idyllic afternoons reading and lounging undisturbed on sugar sand beaches. Immerse in coastal Florida’s fascinating history through private explorations of iconic lighthouses shrouded behind maritime hammocks or charming villages like Stuart. As dusk approaches, set sail to watch neon-hued sunsets transform calm waters into glittering stretches from your personal deck complete with beverage service and snacks.

Island hop further north through the pristine waters of the Bahamas. Explore uninhabited keys harboring rare seabird rookeries and endemic vegetation with certified naturalists. Drop lines to snag prized bonefish and permit among mangroves along Andros’ extensive shoreline. Or dock at jet ski-accessible islets perfect for secluded beach picnics and swimming amidst aquamarine shallows lapping powdery white sand. Set out on underwater discoveries through glass-bottom tours of vibrant ecosystems thriving below crystal waters.  

Return south having fully indulged in Florida’s natural wealth of untouched islands, vistas, and adventures beyond standard itineraries – all while regally attended to from the comforts of privacy amid pleasures of the sea. Feel truly renewed after a getaway aboard this luxurious weekend vessel specially crafted for the serene exploration of Florida’s finest respites. Reconnect with what matters amid pristine tranquility guaranteed through our personalized services.   

Recharge with us through a bespoke multi-day yacht rental and immerse deeply into all our state’s waters have to offer. Book now for the upcoming spring and summer seasons, and reap long-lasting memories aboard with our crew always on call. 

Indulge your interests, unwind together, and escape fully into the Florida lifestyle through this ultimate indulgence. Your blissful weekend awaits aboard the supremely appointed Extasy Yacht.

Sunrise Yoga and Mimosa Mornings Aboard an Extasy Yacht

While early risers flock to beaches for sunrise yoga, starting your day on the tranquil waters aboard Extasy Yacht brings the experience to a whole new serene level. Our specially curated wellness excursions allow guests to unwind body and spirit like nowhere else amid South Florida’s natural beauty.

As dawn’s rosy light diffuses across calm Biscayne Bay, wake gently to the soothing sounds of waves lapping our hull. Freshly brewed coffee and homemade pastries on the sundeck awaken your senses before class. 

Once fueled, our onboard instructor guides soothing flows to classical guitar, working out kinks under clear skies. 

Post-flow, sip chilled mimosas with freshly squeezed OJ and gaze at downtown’s glittering towers emerge from the shadows. Inner peace pervades as Mother Nature’s paintbrush inspires a new day. 

After showers, delicious acai bowls topped with tropical fruits replenish vitality for further exploration.

Some mornings dock a serene Sands Key beach pre-sunrise. Here amid solitude and untouched bird-dotted dunes, flow through vinyasa under a canopy of glittering stars fading to dawn. Sea oats rustle as a heron launch for a new day’s hunt, nature’s rhythms mirroring your breath. 

Other wellness escapes venture further into the virgin backcountry accessible only by private boat. Old Rhodes awaits secluded sands for barefoot beach walks spotting ghost crabs scuttle amid shells. 

Align joints and open hearts amid such pristine settings amongst tangled mangroves and pelicans soaring offshore. 

Recharge amid a tapestry of natural beauty and tune your inner spirit through tried-and-true methods aided by Extasy Yacht’s blissful escapades. No wellness experience compares to communing with healing ocean views and vitamin sea air from our decks at sunrise. 

Let wellness and wonder awaken your soul.

Al Fresco Dining Yacht-Style Aboard an Extasy Yacht

While packing PB&Js into a basket evokes nostalgic simplicity, dining alfresco yacht-style catapults the picnic into an indulgent luxury affair. As Miami’s premier charter vessel, Extasy Yacht transforms outdoor meals into memorable feasts for the senses amid scenic settings exclusive to waterborne adventurers. 

Our culinary voyages often begin with breakfast in secluded Government Cut, nibbling pastries, and sipping espresso while observing towering city skylines emerge in morning mists. Nearby Fisher Island offers more isolation amongst multi-million-dollar mansions – drop anchor offshore their private beach and dine beneath swaying royal palms.

Floating luncheons unfold throughout Biscayne Bay’s unspoiled keys, accessible solely by boat. Old Rhodes Island awaits with postcard-perfect beaches mere fins-kicks from our lowered swim platform. 

Chef-curated picnic baskets spill forth salads, sliders, and tropical fruit salad fueling beachcombing energy. Sunset beckons us to Elliott Key’s historic structures housing hermit crabs galore to find. 

As daylight wanes, return aboard for aperitifs and front-row seats to nature’s light show. Our captain steers us to Stiltsville for a dining experience like no other. Candlelit intimate tables suspended between stilt houses create an otherworldly atmosphere to savor fresh catch ceviche. 

Live jazz serenades gentle currents lapping wooden pilings below. 

Starry nights call us further to remote Virginia Key, formerly the wealthy’s private resort playground. Under a twinkling celestial tapestry and surrounded by sawgrass and egrets, savor grilled tenderloin with truffle mac ‘n’ cheese. 

As the moon rises, fireflies awaken to illuminate mangroves in an ethereal neon ballet. 

Luxuriate in such gourmet alfresco dining amid privacy and natural splendor accessible by sea alone. Our chef transforms nostalgic picnic fare into sensory indulgence on par with Miami’s finest restaurants, but within secluded tropical escapades truly worth experiencing from Extasy Yacht. Dare to upgrade your next outdoor meal in paradise.

Exploring Miami’s Art Deco Architecture by Yacht Aboard an Extasy Yacht

While Miami’s glitzy image today centers around new luxury high-rises, the city was built upon old-Florida tropical charm and Art Deco design. Nowhere is this history more alive than along its historic coastal neighborhoods, best explored from the water aboard Extasy Yacht. 

Our cultural cruise begins in South Beach, the birthplace of America’s Art Deco District. As our vessel cruises parallel to gleaming white sandy beaches, the true stars take center stage – iconic pastel-hued hotels and apartments lining Ocean Drive’s northern edge. 

Streamlined geometric motifs, rounded corners, and nautical references transform this 3-mile stretch into a walkable outdoor museum.

We drop anchor offshore Lummus Park, providing close-up views of architectural gems. The historic 10-story Flamingo Hotel stands out with its famous neon “Flamingo” sign, still flickering proudly after 80 years. Nearby, the landmark Hotel Breakwater showcases uniquely shaped towers evoking ocean liners. 

Further north awaits the exclusive enclave of Palm Island. Relish glimpses through hedges into billionaire backyards as we pull up to the sandbar, within swimming distance. Here stand Miami’s first high-rises from the 1930s, clad head-to-toe in Deco decor like sunbursts, palm fronds, and scalloped details. Beach yourself on the private islet to explore its meticulously preserved gems.

No Deco destination is complete without strolling Ocean Drive itself. We land the dinghy at Lummus Park for a guided walking tour between architectural jewels. From wedding cake-inspired Essex House to the art-filled Shelborne South Beach, each building conceptually transports you back to Miami’s golden tourism era. 

Joyful details like glass mosaics and bas-relief sea life celebrate the sophisticated seaside escape. 

Fueling up on authentic Cuban sandwiches in Little Havana provides tasty local culture. We then cruise Government Cut into Biscayne Bay, taking in downtown’s soaring Deco skyline from the water. 

Gleaming spires, crisp lines, and nautical motifs define landmarks like the 450-foot Southeast Financial Center tower and Historic Biltmore Hotel. 

As sunset approaches, glide into peaceful Brickell Key. Here amid lush tropical foliage, solitary villas serve as private oases for the wealthy. Their romantic courtyards illuminated by solar-powered lamps transport you to an era of leisurely aristocratic escape from Northern winters. 

Revel in Old Florida’s artful architectural heritage is uniquely revealed from the decks of our vintage wooden yacht. Few cities boast such a well-preserved window into the past.

Sailing to secluded islands off Miami for true escape aboard an Extasy Yacht

When the concrete jungle of Miami feels all-consuming and you crave reconnecting with nature, look no further than the remote islands nestled just offshore. As the premier yacht charter in the area, Extasy Yacht knows the hidden gems where you can truly immerse yourself in natural splendor. 

Our trips often begin in the scenic waters of Biscayne Bay, home to pristine islands like Old Rhodes and Elliott Keys. At just over 2 square miles each, they offer a wild escape while staying close to the city lights. As we motor past sturdy mangroves clinging to the shoreline, the turquoise waters calm your soul. Palm trees dotting white sandbars beckon in the distance.

Upon arriving at Old Rhodes, you’re struck by the sense of serenity. Lapping waves and rustling palm fronds are the only sounds, providing the perfect natural soundtrack. We drop anchor a short swim from an untouched beach, perfect for luxuriating away in the afternoon. 

Sun-warmed sand welcomes your bare feet as you explore tidepools and rocky ledges, discovering colorful sea life hiding in crevices. 

After building elaborate sandcastles and hunting for seashells, snorkeling amongst vibrant coral reefs and tropical fish promises underwater wonders. Masks and snorkels reveal a world hidden to the naked eye – schools of angelfish, butterflyfish, and purple sea urchins decorate the reef in a dazzling underwater rainbow. Spotting stingrays gracefully gliding just above the seabed is mesmerizing. 

As the sun dips low on the horizon, our yacht’s captain calls visitors back on board to watch dusk’s magical display. Floating offshore allows for front-row seats as pinks and oranges bathe the palm-dotted isle. 

A gourmet alfresco dinner is served family-style while enjoying this tropical scene. Laughter and stories linger long into the night under a blanket of stars unhindered by city pollution.

The next morning greets you with another natural paradise just an hour’s voyage away – Bird Key. At only 150 acres, this uninhabited Keys Island feels truly remote. Mangroves buffer pristine white-sand beaches where seabirds roost by the thousands. Their morning song serenades as you beach comb for seashells and shy hermit crabs. 

A picnic lunch fuelled by chef-prepared sandwiches and fresh coconut water refuels energy for kayaking the scenic backcountry. Paddle through narrow channels teeming with juvenile fish, spotting nesting egrets and osprey along the way. 

Salt-tinged air cleanses the body and mind entirely amid such utter tranquility. 

By the journey’s end, you feel recharged through communing with Mother Nature. Extasy Yacht aims to transport guests to pockets of unspoiled natural beauty perfect for inner restoration and adventure. These remote Keys isles are simply not accessible anywhere else. Let us plan your next secluded escape!