Our Favorite Spots for Sunbathing

on a Miami Yacht

Nothing beats soaking up the Miami sun from the deck of a luxury yacht. At Extasy Yacht, we cruise to some truly picture-perfect spots to work on your tan. Here are a few of our favorite locales for sunbathing in style aboard our 59-foot vessel.

Star Island

Just beyond the shores of Miami Beach, one discovers the secluded haven known as Celestial Isle. Embark on a voyage with our yacht charter, unlocking the privilege of unwinding on the velvety golden shores, offering awe-inspiring panoramas of the Miami skyline that cast a mesmerizing glow over Biscayne Bay. 

Unroll your beach towels along the sheltered coastline of Celestial Isle, and let the gentle caress of the sun’s warmth weave its enchantment, while elegant seabirds gracefully skim the surface of the serene waters. Embrace the freedom to linger as you please with our Three-Quarter Day package—there’s no need to hastily depart from this concealed utopia!

Fisher Island

South of Miami Beach is Fisher Island, home to billionaires seeking seclusion and relaxation. Once past the security gate via our yacht, you’ll understand why A-listers like Oprah escape here. Stake out a stretch of plush white sand and catch some rays while spying on mansions the size of castles amid lush tropical landscaping. With virtually no one else in sight, this is about as exclusive a sunbathing spot as you can find. Enjoy that prime real estate with our upgraded Umbrella Package!


For a back-to-basics sun worshiping session, venture to colorful Stiltsville. Tan au natural from the bow of our yacht as it gently rocks on Biscayne Bay. Soak up the natural ambiance of egrets roosting above and gently lapping waves below. This quirky nautical neighborhood transports you to simpler days. Sip fresh coconut water or a tamarind elixir as your skin soaks up Vitamin D. Bliss! 

Sailfish Island

Anchor your yacht offshore from this hidden palm-lined key located just north of Miami. Strip down to your favorite swimsuit and stretch out on one of our plush towel-and-cushion setups to work on an all-over glow. If it’s too hot, cool off with a refreshing swim before returning to dry off and absorb more rays. Pamper yourself further with one of our signature facials or massages from our onboard spa concierge. 

Haulover Beach Park

For a buzzing scene and golden sand stretching as far as the eye can see, head to Haulover Beach Park located at the northern tip of Miami Beach. Hop in the warmth like a local as surfers strut their stuff and families frolic in the azure waters. Choose from many patches of sand or catch some rays on our sun deck with refreshing libations in hand. Best to visit early or late to avoid the midday heat!

Manatee Harbor

Escape to this tranquil oasis just east of the city. Tan au naturel on our spacious aft deck as our yacht drifts lazy circles around pristine islands rimmed with swaying mangroves. Scan the shimmering waters for glimpses of manatees and dolphins as your skin drinks in essential Vitamin D. Indulge further with organic fruit skewers, fresh lemonade, and hot galangal tea catered by our onboard chef. 

We know for sure these spots provide the perfect backdrop for your sun-worshiping adventure aboard Extasy Yacht. Contact us to book today!