Our Favorite Places for Sunset Cruising in Miami from an Extasy Yacht

There are very few greater feelings than watching the Sun take a bow at dusk just below the shimmering horizon from the deck of a luxury Yacht. At Extasy Yacht, we’re privileged to cruise some of the best sunset spots in all of Miami. Here are a few of our top favorite locales for an unforgettable sunset experience aboard our 59-foot vessel.

Biscayne Bay: 

There’s no better place to enjoy the colors of dusk than out on the calm waters of Biscayne Bay. Just east of downtown Miami, the bay offers stunning panoramic views of the Miami skyline as the sun dips low on the horizon. 

On a clear evening, you’ll witness the buildings glow fiery shades of orange and pink against a backdrop of soft periwinkle sky. We like cruising up and down the Miami Riverway for the best vantage point. Request our Three-Quarter Day package to linger in Biscayne Bay and catch the complete transformation from day to twilight to night. 

Star Island:  

Just north of Miami Beach lies the exclusive enclave of Star Island, home to celebrities, billionaires, and all-around elites. By chartering Extasy, you gain rare access to pull right up to the shores of this private island. 

Take in sweeping sunsets with the Miami skyline silhouetted in the distance as you indulge in your choice of cocktails, Apps such as ceviche, and caprese skewers prepared fresh by our gourmet chef. Star Island delivers quintessential Miami glamor and old-world luxury – you may even spot a super yacht or two!

Monument Island:

Just offshore from prestigious Palm Island lies the tiny isle of Monument Island, home to an obelisk commemorating one of Florida’s earliest settlements from the 1500s. As the sun dips behind this historic monument, magical light dances upon its fluted edifice while indigo twilight blankets the island like a mantle. 

Sip cocktails like passion fruit margaritas and mojitos as you watch this cinematic scene play out from your yacht’s sun deck, drifting gently on ebbing currents – a peaceful and profound way to end the day.

We hope this list inspires your next Miami sunset cruise aboard Extasy Yacht. Please contact us for availability and package details. The magic is waiting to unfold!