How to Impress a Date with an Ecstasy Yacht Charter

While dinner and a movie are a classic first date, chartering a luxury yacht with Extasy Yacht kicks romance into high gear. As Miami’s premier charter vessel, we craft intimate escapes on the water to help you swoon with your special someone amid scenic splendor. 

Start with a picnic lunch while cruising picturesque Government Cut. Float past skyscrapers with your date close, fueled by gourmet sandwiches and champagne. Pop the bubbly while taking in unparalleled views of downtown skylines emerging from the morning mist – #Instant Instagram Clout!

Further afield, anchor off secluded Sands Key for beachside strolls discovering pristine sands still bearing shorebird tracks. Hand in hand, follow their path finding feathered treasures as waves serenade. Picnic in privacy under swaying palms, getting to know each other deeply without distraction. 

Back on board, our chef prepared your date’s favorites for al fresco dining as planned. Aubergine bruschetta, filet mignon and chocolate soufflé elicit oohs and aahs with each bite. As sunset ignites the sky, candlelit tables make for intimate gazing into each other’s eyes over premium wines. 

Some evenings find us docked at historic Stiltsville watching neon city lights flicker on above gentle currents below wooden pilings. Sway to live jazz with flowing cocktails, losing track of time in each other’s arms under stars reflecting on inky waters. Memories like these linger long after departure.

Deepen the romance with secluded shore excursions further afield. Voyage to remote Boca Chita Key marveling at pristine dunes and untamed mangrove tunnels alongside your beloved. The chance to disconnect and truly bond without distraction intensifies intimacy. 

Back on board for stargazing, curl up under throws sharing your hopes and dreams. As conversation flows, falling head over heels becomes inevitable against such scenic backdrops exclusive to waterborne adventurers. Cherished memories ignite passions lasting lifetimes.  

Customizable itineraries aboard our luxury vessel, help you establish a strong romantic foundation to build upon. Contact Extasy Yacht today to start planning your date’s dream escape, guaranteeing you’ll leave an impression that has them floating on cloud nine!