A suite of cushions on a luxury yacht awaiting guests overlooking the pristine Miami skyline

Packing for Pleasure with Some Essentials for a Day of Ultra-Luxe Yachting in Miami

A charter aboard Extasy Yacht is unmatched when it comes to aquatic luxury experiences in the coastal city of Miami.

To get the most out of an unforgettable day on the turquoise waterways, it’s imperative to come fully prepared with a curated collection of essential items. As South Florida’s premier charter vessel, we’ve revealed our tried-and-true onboard necessities for an elevated experience aboard our 59-foot stunner. 

First and foremost, sun protection is critical when spending prolonged time in the Florida rays. Pack broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher for all exposed skin, and don’t forget lip balm with SPF. A lightweight, breathable sun hat keeps both you and your coif photoshoot ready. Sunglasses with UV protection not only look the part but also shield delicate eye areas. 

Your day aboard will flow smoothly with a chic yet practical outfit. Linen or lightweight cotton is ideal for staying cool and comfortable. Sexy sundresses and shorts with cropped tops keep the vibe vacation-fresh. 

Don’t forget comfortable walking sandals or slides that can quickly convert to dancing heels after dark. Accessorize with oversized shades, beach bags, and gold jewelry for that effortless Miami flair. 

A boat captain’s cabin with the steering wheel and the boat pointing to the immaculate Miami skyline

Essential extras like a portable charger and Bluetooth speaker add spontaneous fun and functionality throughout the day. Pack small staples like hand sanitizer, zip locks, and wet wipes. Don’t leave without a camera to capture magical moments against iconic backdrops. An inflatable pool float brings whimsy to your charter; try our adorable blow-up swans! 

For pampering, toss in hydrating face mist, lip mask, dry shampoo, and mini products for touch-ups between cocktails and cantaloupe. 

Slap on an anti-chafing balm before boarding to avoid irritation in intimate areas. Extasy Yacht provides plush linens and towels, but you may want a cover-up or robe-up for dockside dining. 

A relaxing deck with cushions on the 59-footer yacht overlooking another view of the Miami Skyline

Don’t forget your ID, cards, and cash. Many experiences are provisioned for your convenience but always keep options open for add-ons. Personal snacks like dried fruits, nuts, and protein bars maintain sustained energy. Staying powered by beachy treats pairs perfectly with our signature cocktails! 

Most importantly, arrive with an open mind, dressed to impress, and primed for pleasure and luxury. 

Our seasoned crew ensures guests experience transportive escapism during every charter. Follow these pro tips to pack light yet prepared for a luxurious day aboard Miami’s leading charter vessel – Extasy Yacht style. Bon voyage!