Yacht Photography Tips to Document Your Miami Adventure on a Private Yacht

One of the best parts about chartering a luxury yacht in Miami is the breathtaking backdrops you’ll encounter along the way. From Star Island’s million-dollar mansions to Stiltsville’s colorful cottages, 

Extasy Yacht cruises many photogenic locales just begging to be captured. Here are some of our pro tips for snapping stunning shots to remember your day out on the water:

Come Prepared  

Pack extra batteries and memory cards to never miss a money shot. A waterproof case protects against sea spray. 

Capture the Journey

Record video of your yacht pulling into intimate shores or streaking across Biscayne Bay. Play with shutter speeds to blur palm trees artistically.

Rule of Thirds

A shot with your subject off-center creates much better dramatic visual tension. You can try framing your horizon on the top of the frame or bottom third lines on your grid.

Golden Hour Magic  

Mornings and evenings bathe everything in buttery natural light. Stake out prime sunset destinations to photograph like Monument Island backdropped in peachy tones. 

Zoom Responsibly  

Our lens can pick up details like stilt houses framed perfectly against cobalt skies. But ensure privacy by avoiding close-ups of residences without permission. 

Candid Moments Matter

Capture candid laughter over cocktails or crew skillfully handling the boat mid-spin. Candid shots portray authentic joy better than stiff poses.

Underwater Wonder  

Waterproof case in hand, slowly pan just below the surface taking in kaleidoscopic sea life. Stablehand may capture your dip for you too.  

Macro Magic  

Get up close to textures. Frothy wake suspended against the boat or emerald green leaves dripping with water make for intriguing abstracts. 

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With practice, capturing the magic of Miami by yacht is sure to earn you followers to envy. Contact Extasy Yacht today to start planning your picture-perfect charter adventure.