Jet Ski Adventures to Book with Your Yacht Rental

While cruising the scenic coastline of Miami from an Extasy Yacht is a treat, propelling across the waves yourself amplifies thrills tenfold. As the premier yacht charter outfit, we partner with top local providers to deliver nothing short of adrenaline-pumping personal watercraft action. 

Our packages include top-of-the-line Sea-Doo Spark or GTI jet skis outfitted for high-performance riding. After safety and operational briefings from certified instructors, you’ll launch straight from Extasy’s swim platform into paradise.

Rev your engine and tear along the turquoise shallows paralleling our luxury vessel at speeds up to 40mph. Cut tight turns spraying rooster tails alongside friends all vying for watery dominance. 

With sweeping mangrove tunnels and inlets presenting endless challenges, no two excursions are ever alike.

Beyond introductory lessons, upgrades include competitive jet ski relay races and complex stunt courses. Master backflips, donuts, and high jumps with practice – some even go pro! For another thrill, pair riding with wakeboarding our boat’s forceful waves.

Further afield, Biscayne National Park presents an untrammeled playground spanning 173 square miles. Zoom through virgin strands spotting dolphins in formation or manatees grazing peacefully. 

Fuel adrenaline surges through pristine backcountry impossible to access independently. 

Regroup for a picnic beachside on uninhabited sandbars, fueled by fresh ceviche and tropical cocktails. Charge batteries sunbathing between riding stints under swaying coconut palms. Pure paradise!

As daylight wanes, our captain steers Extasy to front-row seats for jet ski night rides illuminated by vibrant glowsticks. Weave neon trails across the darkening seas, dodging bioluminescent microorganisms awakened by our passage. 

Magical experiences not soon forgotten!

For thrill-seekers, contact Extasy Yacht today to book your Miami jet ski adventure charter. The open sea is ours for taking – we’ll supply equipment, guides, and unbounded exhilaration. Adventure calls!