Sail to These Secluded Islands off Miami for a True Escape  

When crowds become overwhelming and you crave seclusion, look no further than the unspoiled private islands reachable solely by boat. As Extasy Yacht’s seasoned captains, we know all the hidden gems where you can truly “get away from it all” amid spectacular scenery. 

One of the most enchanting islands is Sailfish Island, just north of Miami Beach. At over 80 acres, it feels expansive yet remains undeveloped. Dense with towering palm trees and lush tropical foliage, the island boasts pristine white sandbanks that plead for extended lounging. 

As our vessel navigates the Intracoastal waterway, the uninhabited island comes into view — its jungle-like interior and secluded beaches appear untouched by modern civilization.

We drop anchor just offshore from a picture-perfect sandbar, within clear water to see schools of colorful fish swimming below. From there, it’s a short swim or dinghy ride to reach the sandy shoreline. 

As soon as you come ashore, your footsteps are the only ones imprinted in the soft sand. You encounter no signs of development, structures, or other visitors — just miles of empty beach awaiting exploration. 

The sights and sounds that greet you are nothing short of magical. Tall coconut palms sway gently in the breeze while seabirds soar overhead. Lapping waves provide a calming soundtrack as you walk the shore, searching tide pools teeming with hermit crabs, starfish, and other sea life. 

In the depths of the palm forest, you may spot small lizards darting between trees or hear howler monkeys in the distance. 

Feeling inspired by your castaway surroundings, you spend the afternoon building elaborate sandcastles, searching for seashells, and collecting driftwood for a bonfire as dusk approaches. 

Our Yacht Captain radios out that the sunset cocktails are being served, as the Red Sun starts its tantalizing dip below the mesmerizing display of pinks and oranges on the horizon. You reluctantly leave your tropical oasis and swim the short distance back to the boat.

Aboard Extasy Yachts, you find delicious appetizers and refreshing beverages waiting as you gather on the spacious sun deck. Floating just offshore provides the perfect vantage point to watch the sun disappear completely over Sailfish Island, bathing it in a golden glow. 

As stars emerge one by one in the darkening sky, conversation and laughter flow freely among your group of newly made friends. It’s easy to feel worlds away from the stresses of daily life in this lush natural paradise, accessible only by yacht.

After a restful night’s sleep in one of Extasy’s three staterooms, you awake to the sounds of birds singing and waves lapping gently against the hull. A gourmet breakfast awaits before setting sail for your next secret island destination just a short hop away — Totten Key. 

Formerly the estate of millionaire Fillmore Hyde, it retains an old-world charm amid secluded natural splendor. What adventures and escapes await you there?  

Through exploring remote locations like Sailfish and Totten Islands, you experience true relaxation and rejuvenation – something increasingly difficult to find amid urban sprawl. 

With our expert local knowledge and seaworthy yacht Extasy, we aim to deliver guests to hidden worlds where it’s easy to unwind from modern stresses. 

These tropical castaway domains are simply not accessible anywhere else. Call us today to start planning your blissful island escape!