Sunrise Yoga and Mimosa Mornings Aboard an Extasy Yacht

While early risers flock to beaches for sunrise yoga, starting your day on the tranquil waters aboard Extasy Yacht brings the experience to a whole new serene level. Our specially curated wellness excursions allow guests to unwind body and spirit like nowhere else amid South Florida’s natural beauty.

As dawn’s rosy light diffuses across calm Biscayne Bay, wake gently to the soothing sounds of waves lapping our hull. Freshly brewed coffee and homemade pastries on the sundeck awaken your senses before class. 

Once fueled, our onboard instructor guides soothing flows to classical guitar, working out kinks under clear skies. 

Post-flow, sip chilled mimosas with freshly squeezed OJ and gaze at downtown’s glittering towers emerge from the shadows. Inner peace pervades as Mother Nature’s paintbrush inspires a new day. 

After showers, delicious acai bowls topped with tropical fruits replenish vitality for further exploration.

Some mornings dock a serene Sands Key beach pre-sunrise. Here amid solitude and untouched bird-dotted dunes, flow through vinyasa under a canopy of glittering stars fading to dawn. Sea oats rustle as a heron launch for a new day’s hunt, nature’s rhythms mirroring your breath. 

Other wellness escapes venture further into the virgin backcountry accessible only by private boat. Old Rhodes awaits secluded sands for barefoot beach walks spotting ghost crabs scuttle amid shells. 

Align joints and open hearts amid such pristine settings amongst tangled mangroves and pelicans soaring offshore. 

Recharge amid a tapestry of natural beauty and tune your inner spirit through tried-and-true methods aided by Extasy Yacht’s blissful escapades. No wellness experience compares to communing with healing ocean views and vitamin sea air from our decks at sunrise. 

Let wellness and wonder awaken your soul.