Exploring Miami’s Art Deco Architecture by Yacht Aboard an Extasy Yacht

While Miami’s glitzy image today centers around new luxury high-rises, the city was built upon old-Florida tropical charm and Art Deco design. Nowhere is this history more alive than along its historic coastal neighborhoods, best explored from the water aboard Extasy Yacht. 

Our cultural cruise begins in South Beach, the birthplace of America’s Art Deco District. As our vessel cruises parallel to gleaming white sandy beaches, the true stars take center stage – iconic pastel-hued hotels and apartments lining Ocean Drive’s northern edge. 

Streamlined geometric motifs, rounded corners, and nautical references transform this 3-mile stretch into a walkable outdoor museum.

We drop anchor offshore Lummus Park, providing close-up views of architectural gems. The historic 10-story Flamingo Hotel stands out with its famous neon “Flamingo” sign, still flickering proudly after 80 years. Nearby, the landmark Hotel Breakwater showcases uniquely shaped towers evoking ocean liners. 

Further north awaits the exclusive enclave of Palm Island. Relish glimpses through hedges into billionaire backyards as we pull up to the sandbar, within swimming distance. Here stand Miami’s first high-rises from the 1930s, clad head-to-toe in Deco decor like sunbursts, palm fronds, and scalloped details. Beach yourself on the private islet to explore its meticulously preserved gems.

No Deco destination is complete without strolling Ocean Drive itself. We land the dinghy at Lummus Park for a guided walking tour between architectural jewels. From wedding cake-inspired Essex House to the art-filled Shelborne South Beach, each building conceptually transports you back to Miami’s golden tourism era. 

Joyful details like glass mosaics and bas-relief sea life celebrate the sophisticated seaside escape. 

Fueling up on authentic Cuban sandwiches in Little Havana provides tasty local culture. We then cruise Government Cut into Biscayne Bay, taking in downtown’s soaring Deco skyline from the water. 

Gleaming spires, crisp lines, and nautical motifs define landmarks like the 450-foot Southeast Financial Center tower and Historic Biltmore Hotel. 

As sunset approaches, glide into peaceful Brickell Key. Here amid lush tropical foliage, solitary villas serve as private oases for the wealthy. Their romantic courtyards illuminated by solar-powered lamps transport you to an era of leisurely aristocratic escape from Northern winters. 

Revel in Old Florida’s artful architectural heritage is uniquely revealed from the decks of our vintage wooden yacht. Few cities boast such a well-preserved window into the past.