Sailing to secluded islands off Miami for true escape aboard an Extasy Yacht

When the concrete jungle of Miami feels all-consuming and you crave reconnecting with nature, look no further than the remote islands nestled just offshore. As the premier yacht charter in the area, Extasy Yacht knows the hidden gems where you can truly immerse yourself in natural splendor. 

Our trips often begin in the scenic waters of Biscayne Bay, home to pristine islands like Old Rhodes and Elliott Keys. At just over 2 square miles each, they offer a wild escape while staying close to the city lights. As we motor past sturdy mangroves clinging to the shoreline, the turquoise waters calm your soul. Palm trees dotting white sandbars beckon in the distance.

Upon arriving at Old Rhodes, you’re struck by the sense of serenity. Lapping waves and rustling palm fronds are the only sounds, providing the perfect natural soundtrack. We drop anchor a short swim from an untouched beach, perfect for luxuriating away in the afternoon. 

Sun-warmed sand welcomes your bare feet as you explore tidepools and rocky ledges, discovering colorful sea life hiding in crevices. 

After building elaborate sandcastles and hunting for seashells, snorkeling amongst vibrant coral reefs and tropical fish promises underwater wonders. Masks and snorkels reveal a world hidden to the naked eye – schools of angelfish, butterflyfish, and purple sea urchins decorate the reef in a dazzling underwater rainbow. Spotting stingrays gracefully gliding just above the seabed is mesmerizing. 

As the sun dips low on the horizon, our yacht’s captain calls visitors back on board to watch dusk’s magical display. Floating offshore allows for front-row seats as pinks and oranges bathe the palm-dotted isle. 

A gourmet alfresco dinner is served family-style while enjoying this tropical scene. Laughter and stories linger long into the night under a blanket of stars unhindered by city pollution.

The next morning greets you with another natural paradise just an hour’s voyage away – Bird Key. At only 150 acres, this uninhabited Keys Island feels truly remote. Mangroves buffer pristine white-sand beaches where seabirds roost by the thousands. Their morning song serenades as you beach comb for seashells and shy hermit crabs. 

A picnic lunch fuelled by chef-prepared sandwiches and fresh coconut water refuels energy for kayaking the scenic backcountry. Paddle through narrow channels teeming with juvenile fish, spotting nesting egrets and osprey along the way. 

Salt-tinged air cleanses the body and mind entirely amid such utter tranquility. 

By the journey’s end, you feel recharged through communing with Mother Nature. Extasy Yacht aims to transport guests to pockets of unspoiled natural beauty perfect for inner restoration and adventure. These remote Keys isles are simply not accessible anywhere else. Let us plan your next secluded escape!