Sail to These Secluded Islands off Miami for a True Escape  

When crowds become overwhelming and you crave seclusion, look no further than the unspoiled private islands reachable solely by boat. As Extasy Yacht’s seasoned captains, we know all the hidden gems where you can truly “get away from it all” amid spectacular scenery. 

One of the most enchanting islands is Sailfish Island, just north of Miami Beach. At over 80 acres, it feels expansive yet remains undeveloped. Dense with towering palm trees and lush tropical foliage, the island boasts pristine white sandbanks that plead for extended lounging. 

As our vessel navigates the Intracoastal waterway, the uninhabited island comes into view — its jungle-like interior and secluded beaches appear untouched by modern civilization.

We drop anchor just offshore from a picture-perfect sandbar, within clear water to see schools of colorful fish swimming below. From there, it’s a short swim or dinghy ride to reach the sandy shoreline. 

As soon as you come ashore, your footsteps are the only ones imprinted in the soft sand. You encounter no signs of development, structures, or other visitors — just miles of empty beach awaiting exploration. 

The sights and sounds that greet you are nothing short of magical. Tall coconut palms sway gently in the breeze while seabirds soar overhead. Lapping waves provide a calming soundtrack as you walk the shore, searching tide pools teeming with hermit crabs, starfish, and other sea life. 

In the depths of the palm forest, you may spot small lizards darting between trees or hear howler monkeys in the distance. 

Feeling inspired by your castaway surroundings, you spend the afternoon building elaborate sandcastles, searching for seashells, and collecting driftwood for a bonfire as dusk approaches. 

Our Yacht Captain radios out that the sunset cocktails are being served, as the Red Sun starts its tantalizing dip below the mesmerizing display of pinks and oranges on the horizon. You reluctantly leave your tropical oasis and swim the short distance back to the boat.

Aboard Extasy Yachts, you find delicious appetizers and refreshing beverages waiting as you gather on the spacious sun deck. Floating just offshore provides the perfect vantage point to watch the sun disappear completely over Sailfish Island, bathing it in a golden glow. 

As stars emerge one by one in the darkening sky, conversation and laughter flow freely among your group of newly made friends. It’s easy to feel worlds away from the stresses of daily life in this lush natural paradise, accessible only by yacht.

After a restful night’s sleep in one of Extasy’s three staterooms, you awake to the sounds of birds singing and waves lapping gently against the hull. A gourmet breakfast awaits before setting sail for your next secret island destination just a short hop away — Totten Key. 

Formerly the estate of millionaire Fillmore Hyde, it retains an old-world charm amid secluded natural splendor. What adventures and escapes await you there?  

Through exploring remote locations like Sailfish and Totten Islands, you experience true relaxation and rejuvenation – something increasingly difficult to find amid urban sprawl. 

With our expert local knowledge and seaworthy yacht Extasy, we aim to deliver guests to hidden worlds where it’s easy to unwind from modern stresses. 

These tropical castaway domains are simply not accessible anywhere else. Call us today to start planning your blissful island escape!

Jet Ski Adventures to Book with Your Yacht Rental

While cruising the scenic coastline of Miami from an Extasy Yacht is a treat, propelling across the waves yourself amplifies thrills tenfold. As the premier yacht charter outfit, we partner with top local providers to deliver nothing short of adrenaline-pumping personal watercraft action. 

Our packages include top-of-the-line Sea-Doo Spark or GTI jet skis outfitted for high-performance riding. After safety and operational briefings from certified instructors, you’ll launch straight from Extasy’s swim platform into paradise.

Rev your engine and tear along the turquoise shallows paralleling our luxury vessel at speeds up to 40mph. Cut tight turns spraying rooster tails alongside friends all vying for watery dominance. 

With sweeping mangrove tunnels and inlets presenting endless challenges, no two excursions are ever alike.

Beyond introductory lessons, upgrades include competitive jet ski relay races and complex stunt courses. Master backflips, donuts, and high jumps with practice – some even go pro! For another thrill, pair riding with wakeboarding our boat’s forceful waves.

Further afield, Biscayne National Park presents an untrammeled playground spanning 173 square miles. Zoom through virgin strands spotting dolphins in formation or manatees grazing peacefully. 

Fuel adrenaline surges through pristine backcountry impossible to access independently. 

Regroup for a picnic beachside on uninhabited sandbars, fueled by fresh ceviche and tropical cocktails. Charge batteries sunbathing between riding stints under swaying coconut palms. Pure paradise!

As daylight wanes, our captain steers Extasy to front-row seats for jet ski night rides illuminated by vibrant glowsticks. Weave neon trails across the darkening seas, dodging bioluminescent microorganisms awakened by our passage. 

Magical experiences not soon forgotten!

For thrill-seekers, contact Extasy Yacht today to book your Miami jet ski adventure charter. The open sea is ours for taking – we’ll supply equipment, guides, and unbounded exhilaration. Adventure calls!

Visit Stiltsville from Our Yacht for an Unexplored Miami Experience

Just offshore from the Miami coast lies an unusual village accessible only by boat—Stiltsville. As the premier yacht charter in Miami, Extasy Yacht is your ticket to discovering this one-of-a-kind nautical neighborhood tucked away in the waters of Biscayne Bay. 

Stiltsville originally emerged in the 1930s, when fishermen constructed small wooden structures on stilts to use as fish camps. Over time, the community grew as more structures were added, eventually becoming the unique seven-home settlement that exists today. 

While much of the original charm remains, the structures are now used more for leisure than work. 

Chartering our luxury yacht is the only way to experience Stiltsville, as it can only be reached by private boat. Once aboard Extasy, our experienced captain will pilot you through the calm azure waters east of Miami, passing private islands and glimpsing wildlife like dolphins and sea birds along the way. 

Approximately thirty minutes from our marina, the colorful cottages suspended above the water come into view.

We’ll pull up gently to one of the stilt houses, where you can take in its vintage aesthetic from the deck of Extasy. Wander ashore along narrow walkways to learn more about Stiltsville’s history from informational boards. Snap photos of the houses’ exterior details like porches, tropical plantings, and fishing nets adorning railings. 

Returning aboard our yacht, cruise quietly through the crooked canals between the structures, admiring touches like painted lady silhouettes that give each home unique character. As dusk falls, the sky transforms to shades of rose and gold—the perfect ambiance for dining alfresco. 

Snuggle into plush cushions with a loved one and savor fresh seafood like oysters on the half shell as the stilt homes become illuminated in a magical glow.  

Just before nightfall, we’ll illuminate Extasy’s underwater lights, subtly projecting kaleidoscopic patterns upon the water below as smooth jazz plays. Sway gently to the music as you watch egrets roost for the evening in the skeletal structure above. 

It’s easy to feel transported back in time amid such romantic, unique scenery exclusively accessible from our yacht’s deck.  

With Extasy Yacht, delve into off-the-grid Miami and uncover history hidden in plain sight. Call us today to schedule your exploration of one of South Florida’s hidden watery gems—Stiltsville is an unforgettable excursion.

Be Your DJ and Building the Ultimate Party Playlist 

One key to any unforgettable getaway is the perfect party soundtrack. As the premier yacht rental in Miami, Extasy Yacht is equipped with top-of-the-line audiovisuals to blast your personalized playlists. Let us share some tips on how to DJ like a pro for your charter:

Know Your Crowd  

Cull styles to suit varying tastes from pop to rock, EDM to Latin hits. Appeal to multiple demos for unanimous approval. 

Start With Energy  

Kick things off with uptempo, high-energy tracks to get bodies moving right away. Don’t slack on beat volume either. 

Incorporate Nostalgia  

Throwbacks keep the good vibes going via rediscovered favorites from eras represented. Millennials love 80s and 90s jams.

Feature New Heat  

Mix in recent chart-toppers to keep playlists sounding fresh. Digital music services make this easy to track down.

Sway to Slow Jams  

Build in romantic joints for when the sun sets serenading starry skies. Stevie, Marvin, and Luther inevitably please. 

Encourage Community  

Gauge crowd favorites in real-time and take requests via crowd-sourced online playlists. Interactivity enhances enjoyment. 

High Tide, High Vibe Tracks  

Incorporate water-compatible tracks evoking maritime euphoria. Think “(Always On My) Sea” or “Sail Away” for the perfect sailing mood. 

International Flava  

Global genres add intrigue, whether Latin pop, Brazilian bossa, Afrobeats, or more. Diversity unites guests.

Save Surprises  

Tuck festival anthems, guilty pleasures, and callbacks to inside jokes for high-energy climaxes. End strongly before your departure!

Give Extasy Yacht your playlists in advance and we’ll have your sound system primed to get the party lit! Charter DJ skills are our specialty.

How to Charter a Yacht Like a High Roller on a Budget  

Chartering a luxury yacht screams indulgence and extravagance. But with Extasy Yacht, you can cruise Miami’s coastal gems like the elite without blowing your budget. Here are our insider tips for living large for less:

Book Smart 

Save 25% on midweek charters when the rich and famous aren’t usually out. Twilight and sunset cruises also offer discounts. 

Split the Tab 

Divide costs among a group for an affordable per-person rate. Our 59-foot yacht sleeps 13, so pack it with pals! 


Provide your own Champagne, craft cocktails, or grazing platters and deduct costs substantially. Setup is also a non-issue.

Trim the Fat  

Opt for our basic equipment package rather than every bell and whistle. Focus funds on excursions instead of amenities.

DIY Decadence  

Instead of à la carte extras, commission our onboard chef to create a magnificent family-style meal at fair bulk pricing. 

Score Add-Ons Strategically

Save premium massages, bottomless mimosas, or breakfast buffets for special occasions rather than daily consumption.  

Take Advantage of Perks  

Redeem our seasonal discounts for social media promotions or cash back on repeat bookings with loyalty credits. 

Shop Smart Spots

Select affordable yet picture-perfect cruise zones like Miami River over further afield hot spots on your route.

Pilot Discounts 

Twenty somethings save up to 30% on select charters booked as captains or stewardesses. No experience required – full training included!

Contact our charter specialists today for affordable luxury catered to your budget. With Extasy, there’s no need to compromise when yachting Miami in style.

Yacht Photography Tips to Document Your Miami Adventure on a Private Yacht

One of the best parts about chartering a luxury yacht in Miami is the breathtaking backdrops you’ll encounter along the way. From Star Island’s million-dollar mansions to Stiltsville’s colorful cottages, 

Extasy Yacht cruises many photogenic locales just begging to be captured. Here are some of our pro tips for snapping stunning shots to remember your day out on the water:

Come Prepared  

Pack extra batteries and memory cards to never miss a money shot. A waterproof case protects against sea spray. 

Capture the Journey

Record video of your yacht pulling into intimate shores or streaking across Biscayne Bay. Play with shutter speeds to blur palm trees artistically.

Rule of Thirds

A shot with your subject off-center creates much better dramatic visual tension. You can try framing your horizon on the top of the frame or bottom third lines on your grid.

Golden Hour Magic  

Mornings and evenings bathe everything in buttery natural light. Stake out prime sunset destinations to photograph like Monument Island backdropped in peachy tones. 

Zoom Responsibly  

Our lens can pick up details like stilt houses framed perfectly against cobalt skies. But ensure privacy by avoiding close-ups of residences without permission. 

Candid Moments Matter

Capture candid laughter over cocktails or crew skillfully handling the boat mid-spin. Candid shots portray authentic joy better than stiff poses.

Underwater Wonder  

Waterproof case in hand, slowly pan just below the surface taking in kaleidoscopic sea life. Stablehand may capture your dip for you too.  

Macro Magic  

Get up close to textures. Frothy wake suspended against the boat or emerald green leaves dripping with water make for intriguing abstracts. 

Tag @extasyyacht

Be sure to tag us on your shots taken from today for a chance to be featured on our social platforms! Our community loves sharing their charter experiences.

With practice, capturing the magic of Miami by yacht is sure to earn you followers to envy. Contact Extasy Yacht today to start planning your picture-perfect charter adventure.

How to Spend a Perfect Day in Miami by Private Yacht

When it comes to enjoying La Vida Miami to the max, nothing compares to experiencing the magic of the azure waters. As your swanky personal vessel, Extasy Yacht crafts enchanting itineraries to help you sparkle just as brightly as Biscayne Bay. 

Follow our guide to spending a perfect day onboard soaking in the iconic coastal city from the sea itself in ultimate relaxation and style. 

Rise with the sun and enjoy a lavish breakfast spread on our al fresco sky deck. Savor tropical fruits, flaky pastries, and house-brewed coffee while admiring the glass towers emerge from beyond palm trees. As buildings begin to bustle, we cast off to set the perfect pace for your day.

Glide past the Venetian Islands to catch glimpses of historic homes nestled together like jewels. Take in colorful murals adorning warehouses in the sparkling Wynwood Arts District.

Watch joggers emerge along tree-lined Brickell promenades as the business district comes alive. Catch windsurfers skimming mazes of high-end condo towers in Edgewater.  

As downtown buzzes below, indulge in a decadent mid-morning treat of hand-rolled cigars and premium sipping rum. Relish the smooth notes paired with Spanish-style tapas of manchego, olive medleys, and jamón serrano. Toast to the beauty and vibrancy of the “capital of Latin America”.

Cruise to your choice of idyllic picnic spots along the secluded mangrove islands. Roast in the sun while snacking on our abundance of gourmet salads, charcuterie, and freshly baked sweets. 

Lie back and let stresses dissolve as waves gently rock you into a blissful state. After refueling, take a cooling dip in the Mediterranean-like waters to rinse off and re-energize.

After hours of relaxation, return to our dockside lounge to prepare for a night on the town. Sip mojitos in the shadows of the towering skyline as our onboard glamor squad freshens you up. Glow against the cityscape in your chicest outfit draped in gold before disembarking for exclusive dinner reservations, rooftop bars, and the liveliest lounges in the Magic City.  

Let the pace pick back up while we remain on call for transportation whenever you’re ready to immerse fully in Miami nightlife or return for onboard spa services. End a perfect day in total luxury cruising beneath beams of boats and stars. 

Without lifting a finger yourself, leave stress behind to experience the true bliss of coastal leisure with Extasy Yacht.

VIP Access & Exclusive Events Only Available by Private Yacht

As the premier luxury yacht in Miami, Extasy Yacht opens doors to exclusive soirées, galas, and activations ordinarily unattainable. While red carpets roll out celebrities and socialites, we’re your golden ticket to experience it all with service, style, and discretion only the high seas can provide. 

Explore Miami’s hidden gem of an events scene with a dockside gala along Billionaires’ Row. Board one warm evening to discover charity fetes underway on sprawling waterfront estates. 

Admire contemporary sculpture and art installations as elite patrons sip Champagne. Rub elbows over gourmet bites prepared by world-renowned chefs. Catch an intimate performance on the mansions’ perfectly manicured lawns. 

Float into an exclusive pop-up fete like no other. Secret island raves unleash surprising headliners against neon jungles and glowing coastlines. Beat-drop from a glass-bottomed super yacht as lasers and fireworks burst across the starry sky. 

Steal away any time for VIP onboard amenities from bars to spas to alfresco sky decks.  


Reserve front-and-center boarding to prestigious art auctions and flashy boat shows. Muse over aquatic masterpieces and impeccably engineered vessels dockside before the masses arrive. 

Experience unveilings and previews aboard prototypes not yet on the market. Bid on exotic vehicles and yachts straight from their debuts.

The crème of Miami comes out for philanthropic fundraising events only held annually. Take in breathtaking waterborne firework displays across Biscayne Bay while fine dining on our lower deck. 

Don’t miss dazzling galas aboard restored historic vessels that glow against historic maritime backdrops.

As your trusted charter fleet, we handle transportation, entry, and exclusive amenities so you can fully indulge. Leave the deets to us—arrive with cocktail attire and readiness for unbridled fun! Book early for the most sought-after social season with like-minded free spirits—for a night you’ll never forget in the company that truly counts.

A view of the Miami coastline with luxury condos and millionaire’s row

Tour the Luxury Homes of Millionaire’s Row from Our Yacht

Miami’s coastlines conceal opulent homes worth millions, with the most lavish abodes situated along the exclusive neighborhood known as Millionaire’s Row. 

This conspicuous consumerism is best viewed from the crystalline waters, where you can admire extravagant architecture without disturbing high-profile residents.

As South Florida’s premier charter yacht, Extasy Yacht offers unparalleled access to tour the luxury homes of Millionaire’s Row in unbridled style and comfort. 

Sit back with a handcrafted cocktail as our knowledgeable captain points out the most impressive manors lining Biscayne Bay. Billionaire John Schiff’s 30,000-square-foot Mediterranean-inspired mansion stands tall with its private dock and gold-plated balustrades. 

Rapper Pitbull favors his 10-bedroom abode filled with tiger print furnishings and carved stone details. 

Developer Craig Robins keeps modern with angular architecture and scenic bay vistas from his $32 million compound.

Ogle how Tycoon Thomas Kramer’s six-level villa boasts a mosaic swimming pool that would make Cleopatra blush. 

Peek inside Tech God Jeff Bezos’ massive glass cube residence reportedly valued at over $78 million. 

Actor Sylvester Stallone’s curved waterfront property costs a whopping $35 million and offers panoramic views for days. 

The Obamas summer at their rented $5 million getaway home with a chef’s kitchen, theater, and water slide. 

Take in the manicured grounds and opulent amenities visible from the water- your voyeuristic views are certainly lifestyle goals. 

Continue your virtual tour to Fisher Island, where tennis courts, golf courses, and equestrian facilities service island estates bringing Florida real estate to new extremes. 

Several other luxury yachts join Extasy as they tour the coastline of Miami

Along each nautical mile, witness how the ultra-wealthy unwind in paradise – all as our attentive crew indulges your every whim. 

Come live out your billionaire fantasies exploring these palatial properties within the Extasy Yacht experience. We’ll dazzle your senses with culinary delights, refreshing libations, and mesmerizing scenery worthy of royalty, even if just for a day. 

Book now to gain rare access and cruise Millionaire’s Row in ultimate luxury – the only way to properly tour these exclusive enclaves in Miami style.

A suite of cushions on a luxury yacht awaiting guests overlooking the pristine Miami skyline

Packing for Pleasure with Some Essentials for a Day of Ultra-Luxe Yachting in Miami

A charter aboard Extasy Yacht is unmatched when it comes to aquatic luxury experiences in the coastal city of Miami.

To get the most out of an unforgettable day on the turquoise waterways, it’s imperative to come fully prepared with a curated collection of essential items. As South Florida’s premier charter vessel, we’ve revealed our tried-and-true onboard necessities for an elevated experience aboard our 59-foot stunner. 

First and foremost, sun protection is critical when spending prolonged time in the Florida rays. Pack broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher for all exposed skin, and don’t forget lip balm with SPF. A lightweight, breathable sun hat keeps both you and your coif photoshoot ready. Sunglasses with UV protection not only look the part but also shield delicate eye areas. 

Your day aboard will flow smoothly with a chic yet practical outfit. Linen or lightweight cotton is ideal for staying cool and comfortable. Sexy sundresses and shorts with cropped tops keep the vibe vacation-fresh. 

Don’t forget comfortable walking sandals or slides that can quickly convert to dancing heels after dark. Accessorize with oversized shades, beach bags, and gold jewelry for that effortless Miami flair. 

A boat captain’s cabin with the steering wheel and the boat pointing to the immaculate Miami skyline

Essential extras like a portable charger and Bluetooth speaker add spontaneous fun and functionality throughout the day. Pack small staples like hand sanitizer, zip locks, and wet wipes. Don’t leave without a camera to capture magical moments against iconic backdrops. An inflatable pool float brings whimsy to your charter; try our adorable blow-up swans! 

For pampering, toss in hydrating face mist, lip mask, dry shampoo, and mini products for touch-ups between cocktails and cantaloupe. 

Slap on an anti-chafing balm before boarding to avoid irritation in intimate areas. Extasy Yacht provides plush linens and towels, but you may want a cover-up or robe-up for dockside dining. 

A relaxing deck with cushions on the 59-footer yacht overlooking another view of the Miami Skyline

Don’t forget your ID, cards, and cash. Many experiences are provisioned for your convenience but always keep options open for add-ons. Personal snacks like dried fruits, nuts, and protein bars maintain sustained energy. Staying powered by beachy treats pairs perfectly with our signature cocktails! 

Most importantly, arrive with an open mind, dressed to impress, and primed for pleasure and luxury. 

Our seasoned crew ensures guests experience transportive escapism during every charter. Follow these pro tips to pack light yet prepared for a luxurious day aboard Miami’s leading charter vessel – Extasy Yacht style. Bon voyage!